Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014 - We are turnin people from "Playboys to Prayboys" ;) haha

Hello Family! :)

I sure love you all so much and think about you guys everyday!

But Texas is real good as always! :) It is getting a little colder over here which is such a blessing because The Little Blue house has been havin some major difficulties. Our air Conditioner went down last week! hahah Sister Lagrosa doesn't like air/fans/any kind of breeze sleeping or even during the day. And you guys know me... I sleep with the window open when it is 20 degrees outside! hahah So HOLY COW! It has been some hot nights this week! But we finally got it fixed so no more hot nights! hallelujah!

Danny Maynard is the funniest person ever! hahah he is still trying to quit smoking! That is literally the last thing holding him back from getting baptized! He keeps trying but keeps fallin back! He is progressing so much though! He keeps saying he is so excited to be Baptized. but this week he told us that he knows Smokin is the only thing getting in between him and God. Hahah he text us this week and told us that we are turning him from a 'Playboy' to a 'Prayboy' hahaha sooo freakin funny.

Being out of sweet sweet Utah I realize how much drug use goes on outside of the Utah Bubble! Hahahah somedays I miss the Utah Bubble! We ran into all sorts of Tweekin people! (Hahah Learned that word means on drugs this week.. hahah)

But anyway... We were able to find a lot of people to teach this week! The first one we found was this black couple. hahaha The Husbands name is Jeffrey and the Ladies name is Dorthy. So funny story, we actually taught Jeffrey a few months ago. I swear he was really tweakin... and has some brain injuries from it or somethin?? hahaha He told us OVER 50 TIMES Not even exaggerating That His family Lives in Hollis Oklahoma, and he has a family reunion and he wanted us to go. hahah Sister Lagrosa and I would just say.. Sorry Jeffrey we cant but go to Hollis! It was hilarious. Back to the point, we were bikin around Little Childress and we saw him this week sittin on his porch! So we Climb off our bikes and go start talkin to him. He Gets reallyyy realllly excited to see us and says, GO INSIDE AND TALK TO MY WIFE! SHE IS HOME! :) So we are all okay... weird but we would love to... hahah so we go inside and start teaching his wife and she was 100% normal! :) Listened to everything we said, was so excited that Jesus Christ visited people in America and that the Book of Mormon is record of that! Her whole face lit up and said we could come back! :) So that was great! I am so excited to go back and teach her again this week!

So every week we go see this 92 year old lady named Theresa Hendrix. SHe is a member but is too old and too sick to make it to church so we go read with her! I don't know if I have told you guys about her or not? hahah But because she is 92 she has a really hard time remembering things! She has been looking for an envelope of money that she hid years ago! Everytime we go over there she asks us if we know where it is! hahahah But anyway... we go in and we are just visiting with her and she asks us to go into her bedroom and get out a jar of this Jalapeno Jelly for her. So I bend over and grab a jar and There is her Envelope! hahah I grab it and go take it to her. She had us Count it... hahahah she had 900 dollars in that envelope that she thought she lost! hahah I hope that I never lose that much money because of old age! While we were there, her house keeper named Maria came over to check on her! She is this sweet little Mexican lady! Side note: Man that girl has got a rump on her! haha it is like a table! Not even joking! hahah but she come over and starts asking us all sorts of questions about the "Mormons" We answered them all and she told us that she is has always wanted to meet with missionaries but hasn't ever had the chance! we had to leave and went over the her house the next day!

We taught her and her Son in law! He is this black guy who is soo nice! He is probably about 40 years old! He used to be a Preacher, until he read the bible and realized that everything that he has been taught and has been teaching his whole life is not right! Things like God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are 3 separate beings! After he learned this things he stopped going to church! So we got to teach him and Maria! He was so interested in everything we taught him! But holy cow he has a lot of knowledge of the Bible! I felt like a 1rst grader trying to teach a College Professor!
As I was in there I realized how grateful I am for the spirit and that although I dont know everything,(Not even close) the spirit does. and the spirit was able to testify of truth to him! Without the Holy Ghost, The words I say as a missionary means Nothing! God does not call the Qualified to teach his Gospel, but he qualifies the ones he calls and sends the Holy Ghost as the true teacher. I am so grateful for that!

President Heap changed the rule. We used to only be able to have dinner 3 times a week with families but now we can every night and holy cow we have been eating good! It is your "Texas" yummy food! :) Last night we had the worlds best Pulled pork sandwiches you could dream of. Hahaha Some reall good Texas Cookin! There is also this Little Mexican Taco Stand that Sister Lagrosa and I are hooked on now! Called Vamos Por Las Unos Tacos! :)  I love me some Tex Mex! I am even starting to like Hot things more! hahaha Everytime I say that out loud everyone says... "Wow, you are so white." hahaha I am so greatful that I didn't get called somewhere like Mexico because everyone would have laughed at me trying to speak like a Spanish chick!! But I love Texas!!

Sister Lagrosa and I are workin real hard runnin every morning to get the Texas Smoked Steaks off our Buns!

But I better Go! I am out of time! I Love you all sooo much! Have a wonderful week! :)


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