Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014 - We are turnin people from "Playboys to Prayboys" ;) haha

Hello Family! :)

I sure love you all so much and think about you guys everyday!

But Texas is real good as always! :) It is getting a little colder over here which is such a blessing because The Little Blue house has been havin some major difficulties. Our air Conditioner went down last week! hahah Sister Lagrosa doesn't like air/fans/any kind of breeze sleeping or even during the day. And you guys know me... I sleep with the window open when it is 20 degrees outside! hahah So HOLY COW! It has been some hot nights this week! But we finally got it fixed so no more hot nights! hallelujah!

Danny Maynard is the funniest person ever! hahah he is still trying to quit smoking! That is literally the last thing holding him back from getting baptized! He keeps trying but keeps fallin back! He is progressing so much though! He keeps saying he is so excited to be Baptized. but this week he told us that he knows Smokin is the only thing getting in between him and God. Hahah he text us this week and told us that we are turning him from a 'Playboy' to a 'Prayboy' hahaha sooo freakin funny.

Being out of sweet sweet Utah I realize how much drug use goes on outside of the Utah Bubble! Hahahah somedays I miss the Utah Bubble! We ran into all sorts of Tweekin people! (Hahah Learned that word means on drugs this week.. hahah)

But anyway... We were able to find a lot of people to teach this week! The first one we found was this black couple. hahaha The Husbands name is Jeffrey and the Ladies name is Dorthy. So funny story, we actually taught Jeffrey a few months ago. I swear he was really tweakin... and has some brain injuries from it or somethin?? hahaha He told us OVER 50 TIMES Not even exaggerating That His family Lives in Hollis Oklahoma, and he has a family reunion and he wanted us to go. hahah Sister Lagrosa and I would just say.. Sorry Jeffrey we cant but go to Hollis! It was hilarious. Back to the point, we were bikin around Little Childress and we saw him this week sittin on his porch! So we Climb off our bikes and go start talkin to him. He Gets reallyyy realllly excited to see us and says, GO INSIDE AND TALK TO MY WIFE! SHE IS HOME! :) So we are all okay... weird but we would love to... hahah so we go inside and start teaching his wife and she was 100% normal! :) Listened to everything we said, was so excited that Jesus Christ visited people in America and that the Book of Mormon is record of that! Her whole face lit up and said we could come back! :) So that was great! I am so excited to go back and teach her again this week!

So every week we go see this 92 year old lady named Theresa Hendrix. SHe is a member but is too old and too sick to make it to church so we go read with her! I don't know if I have told you guys about her or not? hahah But because she is 92 she has a really hard time remembering things! She has been looking for an envelope of money that she hid years ago! Everytime we go over there she asks us if we know where it is! hahahah But anyway... we go in and we are just visiting with her and she asks us to go into her bedroom and get out a jar of this Jalapeno Jelly for her. So I bend over and grab a jar and There is her Envelope! hahah I grab it and go take it to her. She had us Count it... hahahah she had 900 dollars in that envelope that she thought she lost! hahah I hope that I never lose that much money because of old age! While we were there, her house keeper named Maria came over to check on her! She is this sweet little Mexican lady! Side note: Man that girl has got a rump on her! haha it is like a table! Not even joking! hahah but she come over and starts asking us all sorts of questions about the "Mormons" We answered them all and she told us that she is has always wanted to meet with missionaries but hasn't ever had the chance! we had to leave and went over the her house the next day!

We taught her and her Son in law! He is this black guy who is soo nice! He is probably about 40 years old! He used to be a Preacher, until he read the bible and realized that everything that he has been taught and has been teaching his whole life is not right! Things like God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are 3 separate beings! After he learned this things he stopped going to church! So we got to teach him and Maria! He was so interested in everything we taught him! But holy cow he has a lot of knowledge of the Bible! I felt like a 1rst grader trying to teach a College Professor!
As I was in there I realized how grateful I am for the spirit and that although I dont know everything,(Not even close) the spirit does. and the spirit was able to testify of truth to him! Without the Holy Ghost, The words I say as a missionary means Nothing! God does not call the Qualified to teach his Gospel, but he qualifies the ones he calls and sends the Holy Ghost as the true teacher. I am so grateful for that!

President Heap changed the rule. We used to only be able to have dinner 3 times a week with families but now we can every night and holy cow we have been eating good! It is your "Texas" yummy food! :) Last night we had the worlds best Pulled pork sandwiches you could dream of. Hahaha Some reall good Texas Cookin! There is also this Little Mexican Taco Stand that Sister Lagrosa and I are hooked on now! Called Vamos Por Las Unos Tacos! :)  I love me some Tex Mex! I am even starting to like Hot things more! hahaha Everytime I say that out loud everyone says... "Wow, you are so white." hahaha I am so greatful that I didn't get called somewhere like Mexico because everyone would have laughed at me trying to speak like a Spanish chick!! But I love Texas!!

Sister Lagrosa and I are workin real hard runnin every morning to get the Texas Smoked Steaks off our Buns!

But I better Go! I am out of time! I Love you all sooo much! Have a wonderful week! :)


September 22, 2014 - Stayin In Chillddyyyreesss!!

First of all.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK TO BEEEBBSS!! My Favorite Little Sister!!! :) I love you!

This week were transfers! and Looks like I am stayin here in Childress again! :)

We got a text Late Saturday night and it said, that both Sister Lagrosa and I are staying here in Childress! Can you believe it! I am so glad! I know that this transfer is going to bring some pretty incredible things! :)

There is never ever ever enough time to e-mail! I wish that my e-mails did my weeks justice! There are always sooo many things to tell you guys about and never ever enough time!!

There was a member referral given to us this week! Her name is Britney! She is this really awesome girl! She is about 20 years old. Long story short she met some members that were staying at the hotel that she works at. They began talking about religion and they taught her that The book of Mormon is when Jesus Christ Came to ancient America and she was so interested! They referred her to us. So we got to teach her this week and she is so wonderful! She is just so full of the spirit. She had so many incredible questions! I am so excited to see how she progresses over the next couple of weeks! I will keep you guys posted!

President Heap changed the mission rule and now we are able to go to the temple once a transfer! We were able to go on Saturday and it was so wonderful! :) I was sooo excited! The temple is two hours away from us. It makes me wish that I would have been able to go the temple more while I lived like 5 minutes away from it!

Bike Spill Last WEek!! hahahah It Doesn't Look bad but It was uppp my whole leg! It will be a good lookin scar!! :)

I am out of time! I love you guys soooo much! I will talk to yall next week! xoxoxo


September 15, 2014 - Another Week Bites The Dust.. Or the Rocks on a bike If you are me.. ;)

First of all... Happy Birthday mom!! :) I have been thinking about you all morning! :) I hope you have a wonderful wonderful birthday!! Just know that I am there in Spirit! Now that you are Old enough to be a grandma You will be one because......

WE ARE HAVING A BABY IN THE FAMILY!!! AHhhh I am soo excited to be an Aunt! Can you guys believe it? Sooo funn!! I am so excited for Ash Pash and Chasen!!! You guys better send me updates on Baby RIchards! :) Sooo exciting! I knew before all of you suckas! ;) Sorry BB... I am going to be the favorite aunt. So just accept it now!
But it was another good week like always! On Thursday I was ridin our bike! We were taking a little birthday Present to this Guy JC Keys. (The one who hooked us up fishin the other week) and I was ridin down their hill of a drive way and hit a pile of rocks and wiped out!! hahah my back tire moved out from underneath me. hahah  I got to their door and  had blood all down my leg! They had to get me all fixed up... Prettyyyy embarrassinn!! (Stupid Picture wont attatch.)

This week we had the Apostle Elder Anderson come to Amarillo Stake and spoke at Stake Conference! It was so awesome! We got to drive down with Anna Dipietro and Carol Scott! I love thiem! Danny was there too! The spirit in that Chapel was so strong. My favorite part of the whole thing was at the very end he said. "I testify that Jesus Christ Lives. I Testify that he has shown himself to Prophets of Old. I Testify that he truly did appear to Joseph Smith. And I Testify that he is still here today and is present to Prophets and Apostles today." In other words..... HE AS SEEN JESUS CHRIST! My mind was blown. It was just even more clear to me that He truly I an apostle of the Lord. It was pretty incredible!

So sorry this e-mail is lame. and has no pictures I am out of time! This computer is tooo slow today So I haven't be able to do anything!!

I Love you guys sooooo sooo much!


P.s. Transfers are this week so I will let you all know where I am goin on Monday! Maybe even staying here again!

p.s.s Happy Birthday Mom!! Love you forever!

September 8 2014 - Photos

Notice the Gross Carpet? Yeah.... Gross....

Lovee Me Sommee Texassss...

September 8, 2014 - When you wear out a pair of shoes in Childress

(I have been trying to attach the picture of my shoes but The Internet is too bad here today.)
Everyone here says, "When you wear out a pair of Shoes in Childress, you always come back..." hahah and this week, I wore some holes into my shoes. So if the saying is true... then looks like in a couple years I will be movin back to Childress. ;) Totally joking. Thanks, but no thanks! hahahha I love Childress, but I would not like to move back here.... Hahah too many 14 year old Baby Mommas. Speaking of Baby Mommas, I may or may not have said that in a lesson a few days ago! hahaha. But its okay because our investigator got a crack out of it! Yikes....
So kinda funny story/Not funny for him. Hahah so Danny has a really bad heart. He is supposed to wear this vest that shocks his heart if it ever stops beating… He doesn’t ever wear it as much has he is supposed to. He actually hasn’t worn it for a few months! But anyway…  We were on our bikes on Thursday and he drove past us and then realized it was us so he pulled over and we biked up to his window and started talking to him. When we pulled up to him there was this beeping sound going on? We all thought one of his doors were open, hahah I started biking around his car trying to see if one of his doors were open… but nothing! His seatbelt was still on, so it wasn’t his seatbelt! We were all a little confused trying to figure out what it was… even to the point where he got out and opened up the hood of his car to see if something was wrong. We never figured it out. Later that night we went to teach him, and he said.. “I figured out what that beeping was. When I saw Yall I was really excited. And it was my heart beating irregularly.” Hahahah he told us that he almost had a heart attack! Scary, but kinda funny! Haha

This week IT POURED! We had sooo much rain here! And a lot of the streets here are dirt roads. So just imagine, dirt roads, 5 inches of rain, huge mud puddles everywhere. Hahah You would go down a street and there would be kids just playing in the mud pools! It was awesome! I was grateful that Thursday didn’t rain!

This week was great though! Danny is still goin strong! :) He hasn't drank in quite some time now! We just keep prayin that he keeps stayin strong! He said this is the hardest thing he has ever had to do and Satan is working on him really heard but he says there is nothing else that he wants more! :)

Hope all is going well! :) I was a little sad to see that I got e-mails from 1/6 of you! But I understand that you guys are busy! Just know That I love you all!

-Sister Carroll. xoxoxo

September 3, 2014

Another Wonderful week here in the Texas Lubbock Mission!
A Day in the Life In Childress Texas...

Good things are happening in Childress! On Sunday we had 4 investigators at church! I felt like I was a Clown in the Circus trying to juggle all of the Firey Pins! hahah I was trying to make all of them feel comfortable and make sure everyone was in the right place that they needed to be! But it was pretty need to have them all there! The teeny tiny room that we have sunday school in was jam packed! It is probably the size of.... our Laundry room and Bathroom put together. hhaha in that tiny room We had Danny, Scotty, and two kids named Eric and Alex, Sister Lagrosa and I, Our Teacher Brother Burcham and the two Elders! We were all rubbin Shoulders. :) They need a bigger building pronto. But it was so awesome! 

Danny smoked on Sunday so unfortunately he will no be able to be Baptized on the 7th! But We met with him last night and he his now 3 days Clear of Smoking and 12 Days Clear of Drinking! :) He is doing it! We are shooting for the 20th! So keep him in your prayers!

Scotty is Dannys Nephew. I don't remember if I told you guys about him or not? But Danny has had such a change of heart that Scotty is wanting to learn more about what has helped Danny so much! :) So we have been teaching him too!

Alex and Eric are these two boys who we have been teaching that have been basically begging to be baptized! :) hahah

This week I learned a lot. We had Zone Conference! It was amazing! President Heap is the kind of guy that just speaks with the spirit! Everything he said You could just tell that he is truly an inspired guy! But He was instructing us, and we were talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel that I teach every day consists of 5 things. Faith, Repentance, Baptism by Immersion Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. Pretty Simple right? Everyone knows about the first 4. We all know we have to have Faith. We know that we have to act on that Faith and Repent. The Ultimate Repentance is Baptism. and the Gift that Heavenly Father gives us is the Holy Ghost. But what is the last Principle? What does it really mean to Endure to the End?

President Heap explained that once we are at step 4 we are not just done. We are not just 'Saved' Hahah (Funny Side note, So many people we try to talk to will shut us down and say.. "Honey, I don't need anything more. I have already been saved..") But if you really think about it, being saved does mean we are 'saved' but its not that simple. Once we are at step 4 we truly are not saved. We haven't hit our maximum potential. 

We have to keep progressing. Simply keep Enduring. The last Principle, Enduring to the End, is Ultimately the Temple. Out here on my mission I am not out here to get these people to the first 4 and then quit. I have to get them to the Temple too! That is really the most important part here in Mortality. The Temple. It is where we are able to make promises with our Heavenly Father. Even more promises than at our Baptisms. In return, He promises to bless us. :) That is what puts The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints apart. Is the Temple, Modern Day Prophets, The Priesthood. (Gods Authority to act in his name.) and lastly The Book of Mormon. He has given us all the tools we need to endure. We just have to chose it!

The wonderful thing about this all is that when we chose it, Heavenly Father Blesses us. The more we serve him, the more he blesses us. The more we try to keep those promises, the more he blesses us. All by simply doing what is right! :) I think Hheavenlyfather has the short end of the stick sometimes. ;) But it was a wonderful Zone Conference! I learned so much! Sister Heap takes pictures and puts things up on her blog! if you want to go read it Mom! :)

So funny story that happened this week. :) (well last week) So it is bike day and we are just crusin down the street! and all the sudden the Winds starts shifting. It is blowing from all different directions, we see this HUGE black cloud coming our way! hahaha I kid you not... it literally looked like a huge mist of darkness coming our way. WE look at each other, we are honestly about 20 minutes away from our house! We kinda start freaking out. The worry wart gene I got from mom was coming out. I was thinking we were getting caught in the Tornado.. There was all sorts of crap flying around... The wind was probably blowing a good 40 mph? hahah we knew that we were going to get stuck right in the middle of this storm! We took off! pedaling as fast as our little legs/skirts would let us go! hahah one of our Members were looking outside right as we biked past her house. She saw us and Yells with so much panic and distress in her voice  "GIRLS, PUT YOUR BIKES IN MY GARAGE AND GET INSIDE!" hahaha We were saved. :) Heavenly Father truly does watch out for his Missionaries.

Well I am out of time! I love you guys so much! Cant wait to hear from you all next week!

-Sister Carroll.xoxoxo 

August 25, 2014 - Pictures

Check out This Flat Cotton Field.... You can literally watch your Dog run away for 3 days. ;)

Demmm Tann Lines Doeee... ;) Hahahah do you Like my white watch?

​Love you all!!!